Children’s time table

I’ve been wanting to make a simple time table for Jiejie since she started kindergarten. Things were easier when she was in childcare as the school took care of the schedule. Now that she is older and more independent, I’ve started her in a 4 hours day school, which gave her much time at her own disposal as I am working in the day.

Jiejie ain’t a very active girl (just like her mum), she enjoys indoors activities such as craft and tv (just like her mum too). Recently, tv programmes have been her favourite dinner topic. She sings to the tune of cartoon programmes on disney channel (thanks to daddy dearest for subscribing to starhub cable) and plays pretend her favourite characters with her sister, but what tops the cakes was her familiarity with korean drama!!! It got me worried and I reckoned she must have been watching too much tv. Anxiety is sometime a good motivator, it got my ass off to making a time table with the kids.

It was a simple project. A few clicks on the internet for the illustrations. Google image search rocks! I got it done in office cos I wanted to save some time. But it wasn’t easy to take advantage of office resources and especially when I am but 1 month old in this organisation. First the new (newer than me) temp admin staff pops up a few times at my desk to ask some questions. I almost jumped the first time she did that cos her steps were so quiet and she popped up just beside me!

Its another battle at the printing machine. I tried to be as discreet as possible so that the angmoh behind me wont know. Anyway, I concluded it was too much effort. Weekends and ungodly hours when the kids are asleep are better opportunities for such endeavours.

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