Am I still cute?

Most things are cuter when they are little-er. Let’s consider a puppy and a bitch, a chick and a hen. Even rodents are called pinkies when they were younger. Now, you should get what I mean.

It’s a little wonder why it worries my eldest girl. Everyone seems to be giving the younger brother more attention while it seems tougher for her to receive compliments. “Look! Chubby nat can clap!” And everyone goes “Wow!”, “O so cute! Do it again. Pleaseeeee.” While the 18 months old is bathing in limelight, just beside and in the shadow are 2 elder kids clapping zealously, but no one quite noticed.

Some days back, Jiejie asked me,”Am I still cute?” I was taken aback by how direct and straight forward she had put across her concern.  “Now that I am bigger, am I still as cute?”
Well, no one remains cute and little for life. No one’s gonna be too impressed with little things for very long. This is life. This is unchangeable.  But love too is unchangeable. Jiejie may not be cute and little forever but she will always be adorable to me.



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