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“Mommy, can we have craft time now? Peeaaaasss!” I hear this almost everyday from my 5 years old. I was (as usual) flat and drained after a full day’s work, but having spent most of my day out of the house, I felt obligated to “do something” with the kids. So, craft was what we did on Monday night. It was an impromptu decision. I saw Meimei wearing her handmade straw necklace and thought we could have some fun with some threading. I dug out my tub of spare buttons (from a craft project for Meimei’s play school), a ball of string, clear tape and a pair of scissors. “We’ll make some pretty bracelets!” I announced. And the kids cheered! 
Here’s how to make a simple button bracelet:-

1. Get string, colourful buttons, clear tape and scissors.
2. Measure your child’s wrist with the string. Double up the length required and cut.
3. Tie a knot at one end of the string and tape the other end with clear tape so that it is easier for your child to put the string through the buttons.
4. Here’s the fun part, give the string and buttons to your child and let her design and put her bracelet together.
5. When your child is done threading in the buttons, tie a loop at the loose end of the string and cut off the remaining string.
6. To secure the bracelet on your child’s wrist, loop the last button at the other end.

Ta-Dahh! Now take some pictures and celebrate her little achievement! =) 

Our very pretty bracelet!

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