Counting down to 31 March

They say good times flies… and indeed, 6 years just sped by. Sam and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary end this month. Many things happened since we said “I do”. We have got kids, car and our new flat early last year. I’ve “grown up” much (and I do not just mean my waistline), I reckon Sam had woke up on a few occasions to a strangely familiar changed woman beside him, wondering where did that new temperament came about? What’s with that permed hair and funny fake lash extension? Where have his little Miss lassiez faire  gone? I don’t know either. I do know though, that he is the same man I married, just that I’ve never seen him from this angle before.

Sam was bigger, stronger, smarter, more capable… and he is still so. What changed was me, from an aspiring homemaker to a career woman today. Many things and emotions made way for office survival. I am more vocal now, more clear of what I want and more driven. I want to be successful, a mother that my kids can be proud of. I became harsher to myself, expecting excellence in all I do at work and I know that I carried this expectations home. I know Sam is trying harder than before to be better than me. Because, we both want it that way.

Working and caring for 3 kids drains most of my energy and I have little time to bond with Sam. I do know that he, much like a little child and alot like me, wants to be coddled and loved and so for this coming wedding anniversary, I have requested for kissing lessons from him. *blush* Honestly, I think I lost the skills some time during the past 6 years. I think it’s going to be a little awkward but definitely makes a good laugh at the very least =) Yes, I am looking forward to my anniversary day. LOL!

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