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TGIF! Finally, it’s Friday! I’ve been looking forward to dinner since morning as we’ve planned to eat out with the girls this evening. I’d ate at Tim’s during lunch hours with my new colleagues. Toa Payoh is indeed a gem. I love walking around the old neighbourhood and having cheap and tasty food for lunch. It’s an option that I didn’t had when I was working in CPD previously, so I am savouring every bit of it now, literally.  Good western restaurants are typically costly, but Tim’s not one of those restaurants. Expect Jack’s place’s standard of western cuisine at a fraction of the cost. Okay, it is not really your fancy attas restaurant lah. No air-con (but well ventilated), otherwise, it looks decent with nicely laid tables and clean toilets (very important when eating out with little children). Yes, I am quite particular with the environment when dinning out with the kids. No point bring them out to torture them (and myself) right? 
Here’s what we had for less than SGD50.
Extra large fish and chips. Chips hidden under the fish fillet. So you can imagine how big the fillet is.
Kid’s size chicken chop. Cute right?
Cake for desserts. Part of the set dinner. 

Garlic bread, came with the soup which came with the set dinner 
Choice of milo, coffee or tea. I had milo cause I knew the kids will want to ‘try’. 
Other then the above, Sam had sirlion steak, which I didn’t get to take a picture of it. Meimei spilled her soya drink(came with the kid’s meal) and I was busy cleaning up… by the time I thought I should take a photo of the steak, it’s half gone. LOL.
Here’s my bill. My boss highly recommends Tim’s oysters. He said they were yummy, fresh and very affordable. No oysters for us tonight. Need to be careful with our spending. Sam’s jobless for 2 weeks already. *worried*. Hopefully, he’ll get an offer soon and we can come back for oysters and celebrate with the kids! ;D

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