I dreaming of a white…Sweden


I have always dream of playing in a snowland. Not the artificial ones we get to see every now and then at Orchard Road during Christmas, but real snow. I used to dream passionately about it when I was a child, and asked my parents if they could bring me to a land where there is winter. At first they said they would try but when finances took a toil on my folks, they told me that they would bring me there in my dreams… and so there it was, me, snowman, in my winter slumberland and I was happy. I figured since, that if I were to see snow someday, I would have to work for it. Probably when the kids are older, or when I am richer …so you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Sweden beckons. The good news, I AM GOING TO STOCKHOLM!!! Albeit, it’s a business trip and I’ve got to pay for my own winter wear. It is really cold there so I reckon there must be snow. It would all be worthwhile if it SNOWS. A check on the weather… Precipitation 0% !!!!!! I wonder if weather would change by the end of this month, that’s when I am flying over… I gathered from further searches online that it usually snows from nov till feb, but winter ended in April last year so I might still have some chance for SNOW =)

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