[Movie Review: Confession of Murder] A date with a beautiful criminal

“I am bringing you for a movie, I’ve got the tickets. Save the date…” was what I told Sam. For a change, I’d date him out for a movie. Thanks to GV and OMY for tickets to the preview of Confession of Murder. I am a K-POP junkie and Sam’s a fan for thrillers, so I reckoned this movie would be perfect for us… 
And I was right! Now, I won’t let the plot away and kill the show for you, but a little background to the story would give you a better appreciation of the movie. 
Typical to thriller movies, the story tells of the struggle between good and evil. If you are into action movies, this is for you. Expect nothing shy to Jackie Chan’s, the movie is packed with exciting car crashes and suave moves (Ladies, think Park Si-Hoo!). For me, what added to the thrill was the time limit set in the plot – the Statute of Limitations. 
So, what is Statue of Limitations? Basically, the statute of limitation sets a time limit for prosecuting criminals. In other words, if you stay out law for a long enough time, the law can’t catch you anymore. For South Korea, the time limit is 25 years. 
In June 2012, Korean Times reported on the possible removal of the statutory period for premeditated murder. Cited in the report was the infamous serial murder of 10 women between 1986 to 1991 in Hwaseong. The murderer is still at large and the statute of limitation has expired. The movie plot is a spin off from this case, weaving a beautiful criminal(starred by Park Si-Hoo!!! I have to have those exclamation marks ;p ) and a down-and-out detective (starred by Jung Jae-Young) into a dark and exciting tale. 
As dark as the story goes, watch out for hilarious little snippets that reflect the current k-pop craze. I will leave you with this line from the movie: “In this age, you have to look good, even if you want to be a murderer.” A look at Park Si-hoo… You bet!

Our free tickets! Me always love freebies *beaming shamelessly*
Me, Sam and our dinner. We later ate a fuller meal after the movie. =) 

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