My happily ever after… according to my kid

I was home late last night and the kids were already asleep. I was feeling rather guilty for not spending the evening with them, especially since I’ll be traveling for most of next week. A little something I found on my dressing table cheered me up and at the same time, it gave me a bigger dose of mama guilt.

Jiejie had made a little card for me. She drew me and Sam on the cover and wrote our fairy tale inside.
If only marriages were as simple and easy as she puts it. She made me want to make my happily-ever-after real… for her, for the family and for myself too.
Sam has got hair! Shanice usually draws her dad with 3 strain of hair. Love the flower hands. LOL
Awww…I melted. But darling, we’ll need to work on your spelling and grammar soon ;D

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