One carat ring

And finally, after being married for almost 6 years. Here’s my one carat ring! *beams*

I have to admit, I love sparkly and  glittery things. I may not be too comfortable to blatantly say that I am a closet material girl, but my envy of friends with nice rocks on their ring fingers ain’t too discreet. My hubby, of course, would love to fulfill my desire. But, the demands of our ever increasing household expenses (sadly) do not quite allow us such luxury at the moment… so here it is, my 1 carat ring.

Though not all sparkly and glittery, but none the less precious. 


2 thoughts on “One carat ring

    1. Thank you! Actually our anniversary is in a week’s time. Hubs and I were discussing bout our anniversary plan and my obsession with diamonds when my little 3 years old pop into the room with a pack of bunny and carrots sticker… so here’s it my 1 carrot ring! ;p

      Popped by your blog just now. What beautiful kids you’ve got! I’ll visit more often when i can… off to work now. catch you again ;D have a great weekend ahead!

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