Project Weight Loss

Today is the day. I have, after being fat and or pregnant for 6 years, decided to go on a weight loss project. I have always wanted to lose some weight and get in shape but have put it off until I’ve completed my family. Now that Nat is almost 2 and I’ve stopped breastfeeding him when he is about 12 months old, I guess there isn’t any excuses left to not work on a smaller waistline. Technically, I should have started working on my diet plan months ago, and I did… but it failed.
Things I’ve done right but went wrong:
1. I signed up for a 1 year gym pass with True Fitness, which was just a stone throw away from my previous office. I thought I could  utilize my lunch hours for a quick workout. However, I’ve got myself a new job early this year and my new office is nowhere near or on the way to any True Fitness branches. I’ve since left my gym pass idling in the dresser drawer =(
2. I have tried to eat healthier. Especially when I was managing livegreatfoodblog for my previous employer. But my attempt to abstain from sinful sugary snacks and heavy meals only worked for a while before I return to my usual comfort eating habit with a bigger appetite. 2x =(
I reckon it is easier to learn to love my body then to lose weight
Dieting and exercise are both not my cup of tea. I dislike feeling sticky and sweaty from workouts, swimming damages my hair and sun, no matter how good might be in moderation, is a sabotage to my skincare regime.
Then why bother?
Because my health is at risk? My GP says that though I might not look that fat (thanks to my good sense for dressing), I am in fact obese. Not overweight, but obese. He asked if I intend on living to see my kids grow up. YES! and so I am going to work on losing weight again. I figured all is not lost as long as I keep trying.
New plans
This time around, there are no harsh workout schedules or strict diet plans. I am going to take baby steps and celebrate my little milestones along the way. Starting with getting myself to like some healthy food and learning to make wiser lunch and snack choices. Depending on how it goes for a week, I shall check in to this blog again next friday to review the past week and progressively elaborate my weight loss plan. =) Please wish me well. I hope I won’t screw up this time around. FIGHTING!
This is me in my fav polka dots on 8 March 2013.

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