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Renee and I in her previous childcare (not the nightmare one)

Hello! I am Dianaruth.

My friends either call me Diana or Ruth. Rarely anyone combines the 2 names the way it should be but it’s okay, and I respond to both. I also respond to ‘dear-dear’, ‘mummy’, ‘mama’,’ah-girl’, ‘dajie’ and most recently ‘chubby’. My 17 months old tot has learned to say a few simple words and ‘chubby’ is his favourite. Why so? Cause that’s his pet name at home. He uses ‘chubby’ for almost everything. “Chu-bbby”, slow and mellow would mean his is tired, “cubbi!”, with a higher pitch would mean he is happy and “CHUBBY”, short and loud would mean he is upset or angry, it is especially so when he shouts it out at his sisters. “Chubby”, with those smiling eyes locked at me would mean he wants mummy… and that is the best me; through my children’s eyes. Never mind my bulging tummy and flabby arms, they give the best cuddles and make a safe haven for my 3 bubbly tots.

I am about 30kg lighter before my first pregnancy in 2006. I’ve tried many attempts to lose weight in between 2 other pregnancies but none worked up so far. Guess I am just not affected enough by the massive weight gain to work harder on my diet. After all, motherhood’s a heavy responsibility… least to say I have 3 kids, right. *self mollification*

My ambition (when I was madly in love) was to be a housewife. “It could only be a good thing” was what I thought. After all, what could be better than fussing over the love of my life in the day and having great sex at night… right? Erham, WRONG! or rather some things when wrong along the way to my sweet housewifery plan. Now, at 30+1, though not all things has gone the way I’d plan, I am happy to report that I’ve married Mr Right, gave birth to 3 wonderful kids and somehow got a career in digital marketing.

My family and I live in a cosy 5-rm flat. It has a lovely blue wall (I chose it!), rooms to roam and plenty of toys and laughter for everyone at home. It will take Sam and I 30 years to pay off this flat. And I do stress 30 YEARS, for a flat that is loaned to me for 99 years. Welcome to reality in Singapore. The sunny and colourful tiny dot on the equator with sky-high property price and ever raising cost of living. Still, this is the land I plan to raise my kids, this is my land, my home.

Being a wife, mom, daughter of my parents and an employee to a job that pays for my living isn’t rocket science. It just takes coffee (lots of it), miracles (thank God) and a blog. I write to keep my thoughts organised and document the cherished moments with my kids, but most of all I blog to relax. Blogging is to me, an emotion outlet and a way to stay connected to myself and to the world around me. I cherish it (my blog) even more now that I have little time for tea and sympathy with friends.*emo* It is an effective way to share my day with anyone who would be reading this blog. Thank you for coming by and I hope you’ll enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.


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