The night before my flight to Stockholm

I am laying comfortably on my bed now knowing that tomorrow, at this hour, I would be on board a red eye flight to Sweden. I will be away from home for a short business trip. 4 days to be exact, but now it seems like 4 days is too long a time to be apart from the children. I am not sure if little boy or Meimei is fully aware that they will not see me for 4 days and 5 nights. But Jiejie is old enough to understand and seems a little sad. I told her that I will send her a postcard from Sweden and that did wonders for her cause she is now looking forward to receiving her first mail. However, knowing that the mail from Sweden might not reach her within the week, I’ve written her and her siblings little notes and will be dropping them in our postbox for Sam to pick them up for them. 

I am on the fence again. Wondering if it is wise to be pursuing a career when the kids are still so young. I know that staying home with the kids is not an option now and I really shouldn’t be indulging in wishful thinking at this juncture.

Though I am looking forward to snow and some me time (having the whole bed to myself!), but I am missing my kids much already even before I board the plane (someone please tell me it’s not abnormal to want 2 contradictory things at the same time!).

Emotions aside, it’s going to be a hectic 4 days in Stockholm with training, meetings, emails to catch up and a challenging 7 hours time difference with the Asian markets that I work with (I really should be sleeping now). It is going to be a lonely trip too. I just hope that the trip would be fruitful and the kids wouldn’t miss me too much.

Goodnight my darlings, mummy will be home soon. 

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