Where do babies come from?

“Daddy, where do babies come from?” 
We were trying to coax the kids to sleep when our 3 years old asked the question.
Sam: From mommy’s tummy. You remember when your baby brother was in mommy’s belly? You came from there too.
Meimei: How did I get into mommy’s belly?
Sam: uhmmm… Daddy gave mommy some seeds of love…
Me: I know. It grew into a love tree!
Everyone cracked up laughing.
I was obviously out to make fun of Sam. Seeds of love??? How cheesy! Lol.
Me: Daddy gave mommy sperms. There are eggs in mummy’s belly. When the sperm meets the egg, they combine and become a baby. 
I was feeling rather pleased with my answer. I looked at Sam and gave him the I-know-it-all look. Then…
Jiejie: But how did the sperms get into mommy’s body?
Meimei: Where did Daddy get the sperms?
Sam: erm. There are sperms in daddy’s body.
Jiejie: where is it? How did u take it out? 
By then, I was trying to sneak out of the room…
Sam: Ask your mom!
Me: daddy’s smarter. Ask daddy!
Sam: o look at the time. It’s so late already. Sleep. quick.
Somehow, we managed to wiggle out of this and eventually tucked them into bed. Pew!!!
I recall asking my mom the same question. According to my mother, I came from a rock. And explosion took place and there I was! Ta-dahh – rock hatched into a baby! 
Image from: http://www.lovehearttshirts.com/shop/i-love-rock-n-roll-t-shirt

My younger sister was less fortunate.She was originated from the rubbish chute.

Original image from: http://foodsafety.suencs.com/archives/tag/rat-infestation

Not convinced? We’d checked with our peers. Apparently most of us were either transformed from rocks or picked up from the bins. A few lucky ones were delivered to their parents by a white stork (Bless you Mr Stork).
Image from: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DeliveryStork
Only a rare few were biological children to their parents. 
I was tempted to point my kids to their grandparents but I fear getting tougher questions like these….

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