[Sponsored Post] Mommies’ guide to good night rest


Whoever came out with the idiom, “Sleeping like a baby” is unlikely to be a human parent. I am serious. I mean, whose baby slept like a log during the early years of their childhood? Please, drop me a comment, I want to interview you.

If you are not among the lucky few in a million parent who have a good sleeper, don’t fret, that makes you the majority. While there is no sure-work recipe to a good night rest, here are some not-too-bad pointers you might want to try:

1. Start a bedtime routine and stick to it
Consistency is the key to successful bedtime routines. Be it a warm bath, a bedtime story, or a soft lullaby, sticking to the same sequence of events daily establishes a recognisable routine and helps your child to ease in to “sleep mode”. Don’t be discouraged if it didn’t work for the first few days, press on and you are likely to be well rewarded for the effort.

2. Cut down on sugary snacks
Cut out the sweets if you want sweet dreams. Yes, sugar is your enemy. Sugar converts to energy which keeps your child active. So, cut down on sugary snacks and sweet drinks, especially in the evening.

3. Slow down
While tiring out your child might be a good way to induce sleep, over-stimulating your child may be counter- effective. Your child may find it difficult to tune in to “sleep mode” albeit being very tired. Sometimes, it causes nightmares and disturbed sleep, which is undesirable even if you child turns in early for the day.

4. Creating a conducive environment for sleep
Play some soothing music, check the temperature(make sure it’s not too cold or too hot) and dim the lights.
Turn off the TV in the living room if it is a destruction for your child. Make it clear to your kid that there is absolutely nothing else to look forward to after bedtime and bedroom is the best place to be.

6. Check the nappy
Having put in 101 effort to ensure a good night’s rest. Be sure not to lose the battle to nappy woes.
Yes, always change the diaper before tucking your child into bed. A good diaper is definitely of good help.

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DISCLOSURE: Yay, this is a sponsored post and I am proud and happy to do it for Pampers. Pampers Active Baby and Pampers Active Baby Pants were provided for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. If it seems a little too exaggerated, it’s a norm ’cause that’s my style. 


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