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My work desk, as of this morning.

Since the birth of my youngest son, I have heard many asking something along the line of “Woah, 3 kids and working! How did you manage? It must be tough, no?” Well, No. Not because it has been a breeze, rather, cos it would have been tougher otherwise.

Most women thought long and hard about how best she can juggle between work and home when they were expecting. Many women thought long and hard about staying at home when they first held their babies in their arms. Some women couldn’t leave their homes in the morning without a tear in their eye. While, some women couldn’t wait to get some time off from the little ones. I was a little of all the above at one point or the other.

Emotions aside, becoming a FTWM (or whatever they call a mom who happens to work outside home) wasn’t a choice for me; it was my only option. Now, don’t get my wrong, I love my profession and the satisfaction I get from my work. But I love my kids more, way more. If there need to be a choice, I would choose my kids. But since there isn’t a choice(for now), I would choose to make the best of what I have.

Does it take super powers to juggle between kids, work and home?
Nah, I have super kids but I’ll never consider myself a super mom. If you are like me, a regular woman, trying to bring home the dough while striving to be a mother to your child, here’s some tips that might help you along the way:

1. Know your worth
So, your neighbour home-schools her kids and cooks the best dishes using only organic ingredients, while you, drop your kids in the childcare in the morning, half the time you wonder if they even finishes their lunch. And, what was on the menu yesterday? Humm.. not sure but certainly nothing organic. Now, your neighbour’s a great mom. But chill, so are you!

Do we all want the best for our kids? Duh!  But think about it, how many people can afford the best of everything for their children even with double income? Well, money is not everything, but let’s face it, many things don’t happen without it. Just because you are not always at home, doesn’t mean that you are not contributing to the growth of your child.

2. Know yourself
Dear superwomen, you have my admiration but that’s about it. No offence, but you see, you are exceptional, that’s why you are super. Now, for the rest of the regular female homosapien who fall in the average band, please, for your own good, do not attempt to be super. Not, if you intend to stay alive and watch your kids grow up.

Everyone has their own limits, there is just this much you can do in a day. If you can clean up the house after work everyday, that’s great. If you can only tidy up the house on weekends, that’s great too. Work your schedule to the best of your limits, but stay within your limits so that you won’t get burned out.

Yes, my dear, you are tougher than you think, and guess what, your kids are tougher than you think too. Chill! A little mess won’t kill your kid.

3. Know who’s the bigger boss
So your colleague works late nights and over weekends, while you, watch the clock and leaves on the dot. Keep it up! You did good. Just because you prioritize your family doesn’t make you a bad worker. In today’s economy, there are many ways to get work done. I, for one, packs up at 6(as often as I can) and work on the needful after my kids’ bedtime. If however, your job is too hectic for you, maybe it’s time to move on. Nobody needs a job that is destructive to their lives.

Who are you really working for?
I work for myself and my kids. Sure, I am responsible for the job that pays the bills and I have full respect for my boss at work, but what makes me walk into the office every morning are my kids, my dreams and of course, the bills I need to pay.

4. Love finds a way
If being home for your child is your ultimate goal, then work on making it a reality. If it isn’t, what about finding other ways to be involved in your child’s life even when you are not always around. My 5 years old loves to doodle and scribble, so I got her a note book and told her to copy down the words that interest her so that she can share them with me when I am home. Sometimes, I would write a little note for her in her notebook and read it to her in the evening. It was fun for both of us and it helped to fill me in on the things that happened during the hours we were apart.

5. Make the best of what you have! 
 It’s always easier to look at our lack and focus on what we are missing. But that takes time and effort too, so why not channel your energy to better what you have? Free up your evenings for some time together, make an effort to tuck the kids into bed, or fill the weekends with fun activities. Make the best of the time you have with the kids. Exhaust every opportunity you have to create good memories with them. If quantity is not what you can afford, then work on quality. As much as possible, leave those unpleasant emotions from work at in the office, where they should be. Don’t let them affect your time at home, after all, your child deserves the best of you.

6. Catch your forty winks!
We all know that sleep is important for our little ones. We read extensively on bedtime routines, research on best overnight diapers (ie Pampers) and count the hours of our kids’ shut eye. Sometimes, we are so busy trying to help our baby sleep that we forget that we too, need to sleep. Given that rest is so very precious to moms with young children, maybe it’s time to cut down on late night cable tv and midnight net surfing. Your skin will thank you for that too!

7. Pamper yourself (Pun intended)
Give your child a happy mom. Take care of yourself, so that you be your best self to your child. Sometimes, investing in quality products for your child is also a good way to pamper yourself. It works both ways – when baby is happy, mommy is happy too!

My little bosses

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post and I am proud and happy to do it for Pampers. Pampers Active Baby and Pampers Active Baby Pants were provided for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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