[Sponsored Post] WHERE DID MY BABY GO? – Mommy’s guide to out and about with your toddler

When my  baby was little, I couldn’t wait for him to grow up. I looked forward to his first month celebration, fussed over his first pearly white tooth, cheered and celebrated his first step… and sooner than I thought, he was running around.  Now that he is a little bigger, I am starting to panic. Looking at how fast my little man is growing up, gives me the same o’ bitter-sweet feeling within, akin to how I felt with my 2 elder kids- WHERE DID MY BABY GO?
Somewhere under the bed or behind the curtains! Sometimes, hiding behind a tree near the playground or running around in the mall. Not always in my arms anymore(ouch!), but nevertheless, always in my heart. 
Though I will always miss his (and his sisters’) baby-ness, nothing beats the joy of growing up with the kids! If you have a toddler at home, you would agree with me that it’s lots of fun. With so much energy to spare, it’s a shame to coop up at home. The little explorer is now ready to see the world! No longer satisfied being pushed around in a pram or cuddled in a sling, he is now ready for action, so let the outdoor fun begin! 
Out and about with a toddler is often an experience unique to the other – you’ll never know what he is up to next! Nevertheless, being well-prepared always helps. 
If you are looking for kid’s friendly places to visit, why not check out what these lovely parent bloggers have to recommend:
and the list goes on… try googling a little and you’ll find more. You won’t find much of such content in my blog though. Outdoor activity post ain’t my specialty, fine – I am not quite capable of it. Seriously, I salute the bloggers who does such reviews. Imagine running after the kid with a huge nappy bag, while pushing a pram and trying to snap a good picture and make mental notes of the place… It takes more than talent. For a mommy of my level + 3 little ones, it would require special powers to accomplish the mission.
What I am capable of are little add-on tips, like…
What to pack in you nappy bag (duh). Okay, how to pack a less bulky nappy bag (better?) 
1. Only pack what you and your child need. 
If that pack of baby biscuit has been left untouched for 1 week, it is likely to remain so till it expires, so take it out and put it back on the shelve.
2. Go for travel packs
Keep the “FREE 20 sheets more” wet tissue at home. Opt for travel packs for your outings. Your back will thank you for that.  
3. Go for thin diapers
Diaper can take up substantial space in your bag, especially if you are going for a longer trip as you’ll need to pack more. So go for thinner diapers.
If you are looking for a good diaper for outings, why not consider Pampers Active Baby and Pampers Active Baby Pants?
Pampers Active Baby Pants is our favourite!
Here’s why?

As depicted by the toilet sign, this is how I would like diaper change to be.

 This is what I experience in reality… 
 My Super Baby is no longer an infant. He is a little man and he wears the pants(pun intended). With all due respect for his independence (and the lack of it) and to save myself the pain of diaper-change fight, I go for Pampers Active Baby Pants. You can imagine me holding it up like a white flag. You win baby! Now, let’s go out and play. =)
Not convinced? Read what Super Baby have to say:
DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post and I am proud and happy to do it for Pampers. Pampers Active Baby and Pampers Active Baby Pants were provided for the purpose of this review. I have also received a token of appreciation from OMY for a series of 8 posts. All opinions are my own. If it seems a little too exaggerated, it’s a norm ’cause that’s my style.

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