Where did all the time go?

Here we are, 6 years since we tied the knot. From friends to lovers, we’ve gone through good times and bad times together.
Since it was our wedding anniversary last weekend (yes, it’s rather late), I would like to celebrate our many encounters, together:
At 10, we met in school and went for classes TOGETHER
At 12, I took a holiday job at your family’s bakery and there we were, working TOGETHER
At 14, you started chasing skirts, and we shopped for your then girlfriend’s gift TOGETHER
At 19, you won my heart and there we were, in the middle of the night, after your platoon gathering, TOGETHER
At 22, I was with someone else. Yet when you called to say you were leaving for Australia, nothing could stop me meeting you for lunch TOGETHER.
At 24, I was pregnant! You held my hand through the storms and down the red carpet. You were my prince and I was your princess, there in the presence of all our witnesses, we got TOGETHER……
Now, at 31, we were at our anniversary tea. Seated facing each other in a cosy cafe and having tea TOGETHER. 
Things may not be all bright and rosy at the moment. But what’s bigger than trials and piling bills is this – You and me, TOGETHER. Holding on together, fighting together and growing together. 
Here’s to our togetherness! and for many more to come. I love you, dear.
I love my strawberry shortcake but his chocolate earlgrey cake was better. hump!

love the furnishing. It felt like we were in a different part of the world.

take your pick. Quick!

I want this in my house!!!

Here’s what my mom got for minding the kids for the evening… LOL.

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