A piece of her mind

 Ta-dahhhh! Here’s me showing off what my 5 years old drew for me last night. My preschooler loves to draw and she gave me many of her drawings. I used to collect them until it became too many (and too frequent), so I selectively keep some of the better ones and kept digital photos of the rest.  This piece however is a keeper not for the technic but for the details and composition- this is a piece of her mind…
From the right, that’s me in my usual boring choice of colours for clothes. In the middle,  that’s my little girl in her favourite colour and ponytail.  We were both doing curtsy (‘cos she’s a ballerina). To the left, that’s daddy with his hair gel up as usual and in between them is a pretty big flower. 
What it says:
1. I yearn for more attention (note, no siblings in this picture)
2. I love daddy, but with a ‘safe’ distance (my hubby is the black face at home. He isn’t the most loved person at home when he is angry)
Simple and so powerful. 
I am seriously considering to work up an arrangement that allows me to partially work from home, so that I can spend more time with the kids with some flexibility to allocate time for work. Till then, I’ll just have to work harder on weekends and after office hours to make up to the kids. 
Have you even been in my shoes? Hope to hear from you and learn something along the way.

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