Beauty in the simple things.

There’s something about sand… I couldn’t decide whether I love it or hate it. 
Let’s just say, cleaning up 3 messy kids after sand play ain’t very fun a thing to do. I know, walking on beaches and sun-bathing may seem very romantic… but, sandy car seats and messy kids don’t quite fit nicely into the advert worthy image. 
In normal circumstances, I would pick the malls, cafes, libraries above the beaches, water playgrounds and anything messy or warm (I melt under 25 degrees). Having kids though, makes the normal circumstances quaint. Couldn’t say no to puppy eyes and little wrinkled noses, topped off with that big grin on their faces…Fine. I’d just put on my shades and top up on sunblock.
Watching the kids play had a therapeutic effect on me, and that made it all worth the while. 
Here’s sharing some lovely moments we had in the evening sun at Punggol Waterway, 2 weeks ago.
It amused me, how happiness can be so easily found in little things like sand, used plastic cookie containers and old bath toys.
Have I told you lately that I love you….
Watching my eldest girl play reminded me that she is still a  child.
Time to cut back on those expectations I have for her as the eldest at home. 
This little boy absolutely enjoyed himself. Although it was just a sand patch (about the size of a basketball court), but for the kid, it was like a beach holiday. Except, mommy didn’t need to worry bout him running into the waters. 

There was a water playground just next to the sand patch. Which was just the right place to have some more fun (and wash off some sand) after sand play! I was too busy getting wet for decent photos… but if I manage to find some time to savage some of the quick snaps with the help of my phone apps, I would add it in here.

It was a fun trip for the kids and I am glad we visited Punggol Waterway. There was shower facilities, water coolers, benches, vending machines… pretty much everything necessary for families with little children.
Back to my love-hate relationship with sand. It seems like somewhere in my childhood, some time (not too ancient) years ago. There was a time when we were good friends. A time when most HDB playgrounds were built on sand patches, a time when I built sand castles, ran down the concrete and tiled slides, jumped around with my neighbourhood friends… a time that seem so distanced yet so close to me. 
Perhaps, I’ve been too busy growing up, studying, working and mothering. Perhaps, I’ve been trying to hard to keep everything clean, tidy and under control. Perhaps, I’ve neglected the beauty in the little things and perhaps, I should work on growing up again, with my kids  .;D

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