Cos 2 (or rather 3) is better than 1

Dear Little Princess
Here’s my open letter to you. I know u do not like me much now. Not when you are standing at the corner of the house,  holding the hand of the most annoying sister in the whole wide world. But one day (and I hope this day will come soon) you will appreciate my intention behind this seemingly silly exercise.
This world can be a huge and lonely place, sometimes. As much as I want to, I may not always be around for you, and during those times, I hope you will always have people to fall back on, people who loves you. You have seen many fairy tales, and princesses always have their princes. That is beautiful and I am sure you will meet the finest man that is worthy of your hand. What fairy tales do not tell you is this- that though princess and prince live happily ever after, they do not live their happily-ever-after all by themselves. We all need different types of love – romance, kinship, friendship and maybe others. And I hope you and your siblings will never lack any of them. This is why you have siblings -Darling, this very hand you are holding is an extension of my love to the both of you.
You asked me why I gave birth to your sister.  Well, I am sure she has the same query too.
Here’s why- cos 2 (or rather 3 ,including your little brother) is better than 1. What good is a party without friends? What fun is a playhouse without playmates? You may be fighting over that barbie doll or story book now, but trust me, it would be no fun without company.

This hand you are holding is your sister, your friend and your playmate. She witnesses your good and bad, reads the books you read and sits beside you on the couch watching the same TV show. Sometimes, she pisses you off, screams at you and pulls your hair but most of the time she makes the best friend. She knows what to buy for you on your birthday, she keeps a seat for you at the dinner table, she sets aside a candy for you (although she ate the rest) and brings it home in her schoolbag. You see, though she may not be nice all the time (you ain’t nice all the time either), she really does love you, and she loves you a lot more than you think she does. 

Darling, having a sister is not a misfortune and you sister is not a mistake. She may not be the best sister in the whole wide world, but she is the best sister for you and you for her. Though it may seems like you have lesser of me, having to share your mom with another person, but the love you receive increases with every sibling you have; your little sister and brother are capable of loving you too.
The next time you feel mad at your little sister, remember this:
She is a lot like you when you were younger, only, you didn’t have an elder sister to tell you off. 😉
Yes, you will fight, you will cry and maybe pull each others’ hair again. I am not saying you will suddenly get along. Nah, I am a mom, not a fairy and I do not have a magic wand. But let’s do this together, let’s learn to get along, a little a day, and let’s start today. 😉 
I love you all the same, and always will. 

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