Dollhouse Mansion: Bedroom

Following the completion of our little living room, we’ve got  Meimei’s bedroom fixed up over the past weekend. Unlike the living room, which was almost a replicate of our actual living room, Meimei’s bedroom is a fragment of her imagination. 
She wanted a bed with a table and a lamp and so we built this with half a shoe box (the other half was reserved for Jiejie’s bedroom) and bits pretty fancy paper left over from my scrapbooking.  
Stacking it up! Meimei’s room is on level 2, right above the living room.
Close up of the little bed. It’s made of cardboard and tissue paper.
Zooming in to the little table lamp. Daddy made it from masking tape and leave over paper.
It turned out nicer than expected. I would have cut an image of a table lamp from Ikea’s magazine if not for Daddy’s insistence to making a 3D one. 

Here’ Jiejie working on her own room. It’s not completed yet as I didn’t have the time to finish 2 bedrooms in 1 afternoon. But stay tuned, we should be fixing Jiejie’s room up this weekend. 

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