Dollhouse Mansion: living room

What to do with sick (but not too sick) kids on a restless Saturday afternoon?
Outings are out, and we were bored. We wanted to do finger painting but ran out of paint at home, so we decided to make-do with what we have at home and with some inspirations from googling around, we made a doll house with some recycled materials. 
Well technically, it’s just the living room of the house. We didn’t have enough cardboard to make more rooms. We tried to make it as similar to our living room as possible with the materials we could find at home. 
The walls and furniture were made from the postage box from my online purchases, the wallpaper from pages of old magazines, the LED TV from the package for nail stickers and the day curtain from used ziplock bag. 
I am toying with the idea to make a room every week and put them together to build a paper dollhouse mansion. Kinda lofty a thought, I know, but maybe, just maybe it may just happen!

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