Hairdo for little girls: K-POP Style Sweet braided bun

Is your little girl a K-POP fan?
Thanks to the good variety of Korean shows on our Sony 1 Channel, almost everyone at home (yes, daddy Sam included) is into some form of Korean entertainment. There’s Pororo for the little ones, Running Man for the man at home and Korean Drama for my helper, my elder girl  and me.
The girls especially love dancing to K-POP dance hits, and it never fails to entertain everyone at home when they do that. Imagine Hi-5 dance steps with Girls Generation… yay, you got it! So, with some inspiration from some random girl group(Is it me? Don’t they all look similar?) that I saw singing and dancing on Melon. Here’s a improvised K-POP hairdo for little girls – No wax, hair spray or gel needed. All you need is 2 hair bands. 
Braid a small portion of hair on one side and fasten with a small band. 
Braid a thicker portion (at least half of head) on the other side and fasten with band.
Gather the thinner braid and the remaining hair over to one side (towards the thicker braid).
Hide the small band in between the loose hair and the thicker braid then twist in a clock-wise fashion.
Twirl hair up into a bun
Fasten with a thin band. Depending on occasion, you may want to substitute the band with something more fancy.
Ta-Dahh.. Now she’s ready to swing to her favourite K-POP tune.

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