Hong Kong Disney Land (Part 1): Journey to the fairy tales

Last week, we brought our little princesses to Hong Kong Disney Land. They called it their dream-come-true trip. How very romantic and apt!
The princess all ready for disneyland.
It was a much anticipated trip for the kids, and for me too. I was dying for a break from work and was very much looking forward to spending more quality time with the children. 
It was my little girls’ first overseas trip onboard a plane. Naturally, they were very excited about the flight. They asked many questions and I’d try to answer most of them, as much as I could. And so the days of anticipation passed in a flash and we were at the airport all ready to start our journey. 
I was a little worried bout the take off, not too sure if the girls could cope with the discomfort in their ears. Thankfully, lollipops took care of that and they adjusted quickly to the change in air pressure. 
The view outside the window that lovely afternoon.
Ice cream for the girls after their afternoon nap

 We took an afternoon flight and the journey from SG to HK was about 3.5 hours.

Waiting for airport express
Daddy busy checking the location of the hotel.
Tickets for Airport Express MTR ride. 
Off to Kowloon we went in the MTR, then changed to a shutter bus to Nathan Road.
Little meimei  running around in the empty shutter bus. 

We checked into Prudential hotel for some milk and goodnight rest to re-charge for our Disneyland adventure.

Stay tuned for coverage on Disneyland, coming up soon.

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