If only google has all the answers…

What is the dumbest question you’ve ever asked google?
This could be mine, todate.  
Out of sheer desperation,  I’d just give google a try. Now, let me assure you that I am not about to loss my mind. I am merely depressed.  How could I not be?
My husband is out of job while I am fraying away… everything seems to be going wrong. My health is getting from bad to worse. I’d seldom fall ill in the past but the past few years had seen me sick every now and then. This year however, was ground breaking. I couldn’t recall a week ever passed without some kind of hyperventilation or mystery headaches. As much as I want to be strong and able, I couldn’t fool myself much longer. I know, I am overwhelmed.
Being the geek that I am, I actually tried checking my behaviour and mood against some signs of depression I found googling around.
1. Feeling depressed has become a norm. 
2. Lost of interest in things you used to enjoy.
Well, I love to eat but have been forgetting to eat lunch which resulted in gastric and I didn’t even know until my throat hurts so bad and I had to drag myself to see the company doctor who then told me that it was gastric induced acid reflex that burned my throat. To cut the long story short. Checked.
3. Low libido
Checked. Don’t probe further.
4. Insomnia
Checked. Checked. Checked.
Why else would anyone be blogging at this unearthly hour. 
Interestingly (and thankfully), something tells me that I haven’t loss my lame sense of humour. My self-diagnosis would therefore be non-clinical depression or maybe just PMS. Whatever it is, I hope the testing period would be over soon and things would get better. 

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