My economical Mothers’ Day

Happy Mothers’ Day to all!
I hope all mommies had a wonderful day. Mine was a mix of delight, frustration, fun and a good dose of headache. Festive seasons are among the biggest pain in the neck when you are low on cash. Thankfully, my mom and mom-in-law are both very understanding people. We’d skip the costly dinners at restaurants for hawker food. In times like these, siblings are among the greatest blessings, cos they help to split the bill. 😉
We got small bouquets for the grannies.
The girls picked them from the mall after ballet classes. 
Now that we’ve sorted it out for the grannies, what about mommy?
I have to confess, today ain’t the best day for me and while I usually enjoy catching up with my friends on facebook, today though, was painful- All the FaceBook posts from friends checking in to fancy restaurants and receiving costly pressies from their better half and kids got the green monster in me jumping up a little (Fine. Maybe a little more than a little). Am I the only person in this entire universe that is going through a rough patch?! 
In all honesty, I would very much prefer to wallow in self-pity and hide in bed for the entire day.
But, this option became a luxury since the birth of my eldest child; Motherhood does not permits that (not for too long, and not after the kids are awake). Just because I was feeling horrible, didn’t make it okay to ruin it all for the kids, right? So, it was mothers’ day and I chose to celebrate it, for them.

From meimei, on Friday night. She greeted me at the door with a hug, followed by a song and card presentation!
Also from meimei. The teachers at the daycare must have put in a lot of effort in all these handy crafts for Mothers’ Day. 
From Jiejie. Probably done during Chinese lessons in school.
Here’s the lyrics to the song she sang to me before giving me the card. 
Jiejie wrote me a message on the sand. ;D
I drew the heart on the sand and meimei added 3 dots in it.
She said those were the 3 of them; jiejie, baby boy and herself.
Little boy enjoying tou hua (bean curb pudding) at hawker center. He made every seemed so yummy!
Looking at the gifts and precious moments we shared, I guess I should really be counting my blessings more often and not just focus on the problems and challenges. =)

So, there wasn’t nice dinner in costly (overpriced) restaurants but that didn’t mean that it couldn’t be a day well-spent. In fact, many good things in life need not be costly.. and sometimes it takes the testing moments to remind me of them.

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