Packing fun time

I’ve been wanting to expose the kids to more community service since Jiejie turned 4, but busy schedules, procrastination and the thought of kids running around and messing things up often put my best intention back to the selves. (No excuse, my bad.)

This time around, I’ve got the kids to help with sorting out their clothes for donation. As expected it was messy; they were jumping and running around with the clothes and bargaining to keep their favourite dresses which no longer fit. There were clothes on the sofa, clothes in between the bedsheets, clothes on daddy’s desk and under the dresser and clothes on them (many layers of dresses, pjs and coats). At one point, I wondered if we could ever get the job done… but we did and did so with lots laughter and gratitude for the many blessings that we have. 

On the professional front, I am very glad to be a part of the working team for Electrolux’s first ever Washing-Thon event in Singapore. 

As an employee of Electrolux, I am proud of this initiative that aims to collect, wash and distribute clothes to 2 deserving charities- Blessings In A Bag and MINDS

Help us share the word by pledging your support at our event page:
Thanks in advance =)

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