The Bloggers’ Creed


I believe in sharing
I believe in facebooking and tweeting my day
I believe that google has almost all the answers
and social media can make the world a better place

I believe in camwhoring*
I believe a picture speaks a thousand words
I believe that photoshop can do wonders and photo-editing apps exist for good reasons
I believe you know that too 😉

I believe I can turn any situation into a good story
I believe in writing, writing a lot
I believe no one really cares about my grammar(blah)
and I believe that someone will read what I write

I believe in commenting love
and support makes the blogs go around
I believe that friendly competitions help us to learn from each other
That’s why I took part in the Singapore Blog Awards

I believe in blogging,
I believe that by doing so, I can make a positive influence in someone’s life
I believe that you believe in me (that’s why you read my blog)…
and I believe in you

*camwhoring – herein refers (and restricts) to the following meaning only:
n. Anyone who is addicted to taking countless pictures of themselves to post on the internet. 

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial. All opinion are my own. Written by a regular blogger for entertainment purpose only. Not recommended for anyone with an above average intelligence and/or below average sense of humour. Otherwise, read at your own risk. 

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