Attention Please – AdTech Singapore 2013


It was my first time at AdTech and Suntec Convention Center after it’s renovation. There was a tinge of fresh paint and glue in the atmosphere that was otherwise filled with pure anticipation. “I made it! and it better be worth it” I can almost hear myself say. So glad to be there after all – I almost couldn’t make it.

Awe-inspiring digital screen mural

While I was moving up on the escalator, the digital mural opened up, spreading from the center of the screen to the sides, images of inspiring speakers and brands. I thought to myself then “If I could, one day be there too…”. Yes, it’s a lofty thought, but if I were to think anyway, I must as well think BIG. ;p

Jotting down, my takeaway from the 4 keynotes session I’ve attended. They were conducted by folks from FaceBook, Yahoo, Samsung , Proximity and Financial Times.

The following pretty much sums it all up:

Taken from Richard Fraser’s (BBDO Proximity) presentation.

Capturing attention through relevant platforms but sustaining relationship to prevent a “1 hit wonder” result.

Content Strategy then, focus on sustaining conversations between brand and people.

A good content strategy focus on people (and not product) getting people to participate and co-create content.
Case study : Campell
A platform that provides useful information, helps with meals planning and encourages sharing while gaining insights into consumers behaviour

Keep the conversation going.
Customer need and interest based products and technology that integrates  into digital marketing.
Case study: Nike Plus
Spanning out from 1 interest, a conversation and relationship beyond point of purchase. Also leading to brand loyalty

Engagement through content. Content is to be treated as a tool, conversation, choice and currency.
Case study:
P&G cleverly place multiple brands into 1 lifestyle platform, 1 story that brings on multiple conversations.

Digital Ecosystem needs an anchoring point.
All shared content thru SNS networks and beyond stems out from the single story on the single platform that anchors ppl back to the brand.

Ultimately, it’s about social CRM. being social, empowering social to gain insights which translate into marketing plans, product design and beyond.

The highlight of all would be the session by Nicki Kenyon(Facebook) and Nicholas Wodtke (Samsung)
Nicholas made a point on having a ‘Point of View’. Which resonates with Fraser’s emphasis for Attention.
Brands need to have a ‘Point of View’ to stand out.
‘Point of View’. helps discoverability and  curation- 2 key to bring a message through.

Knowing who you are and who you are not helps brands to decide what to focus on and what to do without to prevent overdoing the necessary.

Focusing on the few things that the brand do well while expanding through partnership with the best in class in other fields.
ie Samsung collaboration with Facebook

Nicki then shared on the basis of human behaviour and how social media functions (Super cool!).

Collaboration between Samsung and Facebook helps bring out the best of both and conquer new territories for both.
ie Samsung TV, allows “Like” hand gestures for users to recommend channels to friends, which aids curation and channel surfing.

Loyalty is never a 1 off experience, it is a virtual cycle (of constant engagement)” – Nicki Kenyon

The keynotes were mostly content-centric – They covered various topics but all pivoted to the importance of  content; customer-centric content, brand message positioning and engaging conversations between brand and people. Content Marketing is indeed the new black. ;D

Content beyond Art

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