Happy Fathers’ Day 2013


Fathers’ Day before my kids were born, was fun and fuzzy but very predicable – we’d always have dinner with my dad as a family.

Fathers’ Day after my kids were born, has been fun and fuzzy but never predicable – we’d play by ear and see what the kids came up with. Of course, there were still dinners… and lunches and tea to celebrate the day with the grandfathers too! This year, Jiejie designed a shirt for daddy while Meimei brought home a paper crown from school! We’d got the very shy daddy to wear his party suite!
Strike a pose! (Hum… too much KPOP)
Awwwww. Let’s try to get a better picture of all four of you…

…. o well, never mind. 😉

I want to wear it too!
I here by crown you….Prince C….(No, not Charming) Chubby. Lolx 
His Royal Highness, Prince Chubby of Cradle is wearing the latest fashion designed by
Her Royal Sweetness, Princess Jiejie Shanice Tou-fu and Princess Meimei Renee Tau-Hway 
In case you are wondering, Daddy is a Prince ‘cos the kids has got a Princess Mommy *grinning shamelessly*.

Apart from dressing daddy up for the occasion, we…

… made pretty snow globes and gave them away to daddy and granddads,

and Mommy baked cheesy muffins. 
What a fun-filled and activities packed weekend for us! Mommy’s flat and is going to catch some sleep, now. Please stay tuned for Snow Globe’s Step-by-Step and Muffin’s recipe, coming up very soon on your favourite blog ;D

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