My Children, My Inspiration


My children are my greatest inspiration to lead a healthier life.
Becoming a mother pretty much turned my life upside-down and around. Since the birth of my eldest child, I’ve made many little and huge changes to my lifestyle. From putting down the beer bottle during pregnancy to changing the dinner menu from whatever-goes to what’s-good-for-you to carter to the children’s growing needs. I’ve sinced bid the dance floor goodbye and instead walted to countless lullabies with my babies in my arms.

Recently, my doctor told me that I should look into watching my weight. “You want to be there for your children, right?” he appealed. YEAH! so right! I’ve yet to loss a good 30kg gained over 3 pregnancies, and that’s definitely not good for me. When I shared this with my preschooler, she said to me, “I love you mommy, no matter what. But I want to see you as pretty as the princess”, she was pointing to my wedding portrait.

I was encouraged, my little girl fueled me like no other. I have since started working on losing weight and I am happy to report that I am on a slow but steady track to a healthier (and prettier) me – for myself and my little ones that mean more than the world to me ;D

Me and my brood ;D
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