Setting up our very own Art Studio

It has always been my dream to have the master bedroom to ourselves. It may seem too humble a dream, but living in Singapore where land is scarce, having a home of our own would mean anything from S$150,000 to infinity (yes, I am kinda exaggerating). Having once lived with my inlaws for the first few years of my marriage, I especially looked forward to moving into my master bedroom last year, when we moved into a home of our own. 
I must be the only person looking forward to this, apart from the husband. The majority (we are talking about 3 kids versus 2 parents) would prefer to have their mom bunking in with them (much to the husband’s despair). We have 2 common rooms in the house, 1 for the kids while the other was left empty for my inlaws to stay over when they want to. To save electricity (common rooms are smaller thus, requires lesser electricity to cool the room with air-con), hubby usually sleeps in that room. That leaves the master bedroom rarely used, while the kids toys and books and crafts were all over the living room and their bedroom as we didn’t have enough space to put everything together in either rooms. It seem to make perfect sense to give up my master bedroom for a Study cum Art room for the kids – It wasn’t an easy decision, but I went ahead anyway.
We moved the king size mattress out and moved in the tiny book shelf and other kids’ furniture.
Jiejie helping to put the books back to the shelf in their new home…
While the baby brother removes them from the shelf again -.-!
Nice and neat. Not for long though. Tidying the bookshelf is a daily affair.
Got the SMART TV up too! Now the kids can play some games and read audio books in the room.
Moved these little tables and chair in from the living room. Now Jiejie can do her homework while the little boy play in the living room. The room makes an excellent place for Art and Craft activities too! Which is excellent!

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