Easy 3 Steps Multi-Braids for Little Girls

My little girl loves curls – Not sure if she was influenced by the korean actresses or disney princesses’. Whichever the case, I wouldn’t agree to perming her hair (not in another 10 years time)! I do however, curl her hair with a curler for special occasions and dinners. Another way to get temporal curls is to braid her hair and leave it for 2 hours or so before loosening up the braids. This must be the main reason she loves braided hairdos- they are pretty and she get to enjoy the temporal curls when she let her hair down after classes. 
Multi-braid is among her favourite hairstyles, not only ‘cos it is pretty and lasting (doesn’t mess up or loosen up easily), it also gives her even curls when she loosen the braids! I love it too, ‘cos it’s easy to
Here’s sharing how it’s done:
Step 1:
Divide hair in the middle and then evenly into upper halves and lower halves.

Step 2:

Create 2 braids from each bundle of hair. 
Step 3:
Gather the braids and tie them into 2 bundles. Ta-ahh! There you are, Multi-braids. ;))

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