First Time at The Singapore Blog Awards 2013


Yes! Yes! I was there!
I was at the prestigious Singapore Blog Awards 2013 yesterday. Thank you OMY for the opportunity to attend The Event of the Year for Bloggers in Singapore and beyond.

The theme was the Sixties. Cleverly put as it was the 6th year for the Awards. I was feeling a little worried about what to wear to the event up till the day before. Thank God for GSS, I managed to get a lacy polka dot dress at 50% off. *grinning away*

I took a cab to the event as I had less than 10 hours rest in 72 hours – feeling almost high from lack of sleep. Feeling sleepy was an understatement, but I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see some of Singapore’s best bloggers at the event. It must have been sheer excitement that fueled me through the event.

High from lack of sleeeeeeppppp

1.30pm at Shanghai Dolly
The fever is on under the mid-day sun. There was a queue outside Shanghai Dolly leading to the entrance. Boys and Girls in fancy 60s fashion set the mood right for the occasion.

Photo taken at the Photo Booth. Anita @ ifoody, Me and Jeez-Jia @ Muses (Finalist for Qoo10 Online Shopping Blog)
I wish I looked a little more glam ;(  WHY MUST I BLINK MY EYES AT THAT VERY SPLIT OF A SECOND?!!!!

Yummy! An absolute Sweet affair.
Me and Anita with Jeez-Jia behind the camera. Thank you babes for your company 😉

The highlight of the day must have been the announcement for the winner of the best food blog – JohorKaki
I thought I saw Anita jumping from her seat. She cheered and ran to the center of the room to catch a good picture of her dad receiving the award. What a very heartwarming picture- my heart melted a little, then warmed up to the tenderness of the moment. I hope one day, my kids would do the same for me. 😉

Anita taking photos of her dad receiving The Best Food Blog Award

The Singapore Blogs Awards ended on a HIGH note with the best dressed award. It must have been the most entertaining award of the day!

Smith @Smithankyou striking a pose while the audiences cheered and clapped. He was indeed the hottest man at Shanghai Dolly yesterday.
The Ninja Girls @, Winners for The Best V-Log taking their wigs off for the Singapore Blogs Awards 2013

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