[Food Review] The Domino Effect (aka WAH! So many types of pizzas at Domino’s!!!!)

I took a meal off dieting to have dinner with a bunch of great folks at Domino’s last night ;p
Whatever happened to going on a diet? O well, for good  food and good company, I’d merry first and diet later ;p Thank God it was worth the calories – great food, great variety and great people! 
Akin Super Stars at a press conference, these 8 new pizzas were the central of attention last night.
Happy to be at Domino’s last night! Here’s Jocelyn, with happiness proclaimed…
and Melissa enjoying the meal
Now, here’s the Shiniest Star Pizza of the night…
Alfredo Prawn Pizza!!! (can’t do without the exclamation!)
The first pizza that was completely wiped put within 20 mins! The irresistible Alfredo Prawn pizza promises the divine combination of seafood and cheesssseeeee! Well. I didn’t manage to grab a slice for myself. *argh!*
Still,  all was not lost. The variety of pizzas were exciting to the taste buds, and my personal favourites were:
Napolitana Chicken
and Chilli Beef (not very spicy actually. Which is great for people with low tolerance for chilli. Yup, that’s me!)
Do you know that there is no frying pans in Domino’s kitchen? 
Well, that’s because they do not make pan pizzas, which are those thick and hard crust that taste like cardboards. Talking about wasting calories,  pan pizzas are baked in a pan and thus require s the use for more oil in the preparation to remove the pizza from the pan.
My all time fav pizza crust is freshly made in the local kitchen daily. That explains the quality that I enjoy.
What’s a good meal without the side dishes? We were spoilt with drumlets and cheesy onion rings. Yes! CHEESY onion rings! They were both yummy and fun to eat!
C is for Cheesy Onion Rings!!
Check out the cheese flakes on the onion rings 😉
We ended dinner with desserts. Yummilous chocolate lava cake pretty much sealed the evening on a sweet note.
Mouth watering, attas restaurant quality Chocolate Lava Cake

Keen on having some Domino’s tonight?

Check out their new menu and you’ll be spoilt with choices! By the way, Domino’s promises delivery within 30 mins, or you’ll get a regular pizza voucher from them! Now that’s good service, if you ask me 😉

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