Open Heart Strawberry Cake (with a hint of lemon)


I am the eldest among my siblings. Yes, it’s cool but I’ve always wanted to have an elder sister or brother – and thankfully, I do have a close relative cousin who very much raise to the role. She is smart, beautiful and very talented. Like me (or rather – I, like her), she was a designer too! And a darn good one – she graduated first class from UK in fashion design! Whatever happened to my uni grades… erm is a mystery to myself, granted there is such a legend from the same family. Pttttf!

Yes, it’s a recipe post (it still is) and so I’ll go straight to the point. I thought I hear you say, “FINALLY!” 😉  My cousin sister’s birthday is around the corner. It’s not easy to shop for a present for someone who has everything. And especially so when I am tight on budget. So I offered to bake her a cake for her birthday this year. Here’s what I made. (before the disaster of slopping frosting when I pile it up to the 3rd layer). I really should have keep it to layer one – and there you are, an Open Heart Strawberry Cake!
Step 1: Put all the ingredients in a bowl and whip it up with a mixer. Bake it at 180 degree celsius for 20 minutes

Step 2: Whip packet whip cream with icing sugar and natural lemon flavouring until stiff

Step 3: Spread whip cream on the surface of the cake and top it off with sliced strawberry. 

 If you are skilled at frosting, try layering it up with different colours . Who know, yours may look much better than mine. As for me… I think I’ll need to attend some classes to frost a fresh cream cake correctly ;))

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