Bedtime conversation with my 4 year old


“Alright now, it’s bedtime!”


After 30 minutes of singing, bedtime stories in between chatting on random topics, the little boy was pretty much entering snooze mode but couldn’t settle down as the two little chatterboxes just wouldn’t stop talking.

Me: Shhh….
Meimei: Okay, mahmee

Then before I could take a breathe of relieve…

Meimei: Mom, have I told you about..
Me: Quiet(!)

By now, I could feel my tempers ranging under my skin.

Meimei: But, Mah..
Me: SHHHHH! If you cannot keep quiet, I will have to throw you out of this room
Meimei: Cannot throw. Later bum the head and need to go to the hospital!

Everyone laughed, except for the little boy who was still trying to sleep.

Speechless, she took what I said literally.
“Okay, Meimei, (if needed) I will put you outside gently, so you won’t get hurt. For now, please keep quiet!

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