‘Cos every kid should Eat. Play. Love


Here’s sharing with you the craft cafe that got us going back 3 days in a row during my recent break from work. Yes, you heard it right – 3 consecutive days!

Day 1
It was an impromptu decision. We managed to get Jiejie into a good school near home at the eleven hour. It was an interesting experience, but that would be another story for another day. So, after half a day of visiting schools and getting the registration done, we decided to celebrate! I turned to my phone and started to surf around for places to visit when I recall reading about a craft cafe from Mommy Kless’ blog. I fast forwarded to the blog post and popped the phone over to Jiejie. I knew we had to visit this cafe when I saw the twinkle in her eyes :)
Off we went to Eat. Play. Love. And it was love at first sight…

Love those threaded colour pasta. :) 
Pretty little DIY dolls caught Jiejie’s attention.

Okay lah, we’ll make one. :)
Jiejie at work – painting her doll.
Absolutely sinful but undeniably yummy brownie with vanilla ice-cream for me. 

Oreo cheesecake for Jiejie. 
Craft time at the common play area. All the fun and materials at $5 dollars for 2 hours on week days. 
Making Shrinky Dinks for the first time. 
Here’s the baking area for Shinky Dink Plastics

And here’s what we made :)
Day 2
I brought Meimei to the cafe the next day…

More oreo cheesecake and brownie :))

Meimei painting her ballerina doll …
While I made more shinky dinks!
Aint they beautiful?? :)

Meimei and her lovely doll. Please meet Silver, the ballerina princess. :)
Day 3
And the whole family went for lunch and play the day after.

Everyone’s having fun 

National Day was round the corner and so we made some national day themed craft that day. 
When would we be back for more eat. play and love? O well, now that I am back to work, maybe in a couple of weeks, probably in a couple of months, but definitely within the year :)

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