Happy Birthday Singapore!


Happy Birthday to YOU! *sings*
Happy Birthday to YOU (yes, YOU!) *still singing*
Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUU (everyone of YOU) *going up the octave*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! *throws confetti*

Happy Birthday my dear dear Singapore! You are 48!
Here’s my 4 sets (8 in total) of  wishes for you:

May your days be filled with laughter 
and your nights be safe and sound
May your homes be filled with abundance 
and your river never runs dry
May there always be love inside you
and your children loves you back
May your heart be boarder as ever
and your people stay close together

I LOVE YOU, SINGAPORE! I may not love everything about you. I may grumble (sometimes) and complain (at times) but you know, I have you in my heart.

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