Scream! It’s Cherry Ice-cream Pie


Inspired by DinoMama‘s post on ice-cream making, I’ve finally made my first ice-cream pie*super proud*. I’ve been wanting to make homemade ice-cream for a while, but like many other things I’ve been wanting to do, my busy schedule and procrastination (okay, more this than the former) came in the way. ;D

Without further a do, please allow me to present, my very first Ice-cream Pie! Ta-dahhhhh!

Looks good, right? Thanks to the mint leaves in the center. They are there solely for aesthetic purpose, the recipe contain no mint otherwise 😉

Probably the most flexible dessert recipe ever, with lotsa space for creativity 😉

You’ll need:
1. Geek Yogurt
2. Cherries (fresh or jarred)
3. Honey!

Looking for the measurements? Here’s the cool part, and there is just 4 words to it:

Naturally, we do need to exercise some common sense, geek yogurt forms the base so we do need more of it, but it is sour, so adjust the amount of cherries and honey to please your taste buds.

All you’ll need to do is:
1. combine everything in a bowl and whip them together with a mixer
2. put mixture in an ice-cream machine (no ice-cream machine? fret not, just scroll down!)
3. fill the crust (I bought pre-made crust) with ice-cream and decorate as you wish =)

If you do not have an ice-cream machine:
Freeze mixture in a deep bowl.  Remove from freezer every 45 mins and mix the mixture evenly until you get a smooth texture.

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