Easy Premix Snowskin Mooncakes


A couple of weeks ago, my sister started a series of experiments in her new kitchen. The goal was to make some snowskin mooncakes for mid autumn festival. It took 3 painful attempts weighing glutinous rice and boiling greenbeans for this science teacher to finally work out the formula. Hence, you can imagine her reaction when she saw the results of our first attempt (see picture below).

Not too pretty, but not too bad for our first attempt :)
Erham. As you can see, I probably had more flair – not in the kitchen department though, but definitely in the shopping department. Why so? Well, I managed to find premix snowskin before she did. Haha!
Less than a total damage of 30 bucks to make more than 1 kg worth of mooncakes! 

Working with premix was lotsa fun. Having saved the hassle of measuring, weighting and counting green beans, we’d save more time for kneading and wrapping and shaping. Which was lotsa fun for the kids and their dad. What’s better than play dough is an edible dough!

And we brought a box of it to share with the grandparents.

Glad to have managed to pick some of the better looking ones for the grandparents.  :)

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