How to be a head turner (Note: This is a toddler’s guide. Also note: There’s a GIVEAWAY at the end of this post)


Dear fellow boys (sorry girls, we need a little men’s talk here)

Have you ever felt left out at parties, especially when mommy was busy chatting with her friends?
Were you ever worried that you might not fit in at gatherings and playdates?
O and how are you faring with the girls? Have you ever eyed on a charming candy in a whiny girl’s possession and wondered how you could have it without a melt down?

Fret not, buddies! Here’s the ultimate guide to turning heads and scoring some brownie points with mommy’s friends (think hugs, candies and most importantly, happy mommy means happy baby! *erham*)

Tip #1: Get a ride and put on your sunnies
Having observed my sisters watching their barbie cartoons and my mom glued to her k-dramas, I have concluded that all female (regardless of age) are crazy over men (and boys) who drives and wears shades. It’s true! My mom and sisters said so.

Tip #2: The wind is your best friend
To succeed (in life), one should make the best of the circumstances. If the wind is messing your hair up, turn the situation around by facing the wind bravely. Make it work to your advantage- show off those soft shiny hair of yours in style (think shampoo commercial. Yup, you’ve got it!)

Tip #3: Keep calm and be cool!
Everyone loves a cool baby. So try to keep those tantrums away, as much as possible. Smile! and be cool!

Tip #4: Be at your best! Go for comfort and quality.
Do not blindly go after fashion- go for comfort and quality as well. It’s hard work to be at our best behaviour, so don’t make things tougher with bad quality products. Feeling comfortable is key to keeping those tantrums and melt downs away.

Now you can, for FREE!
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  • Disclaimer: Thank you Sophie and Friends for this stunning pair of KI ET LA Sunglasses. We have received a pair of  Ki ET LA sunglasses for purposes of this review. All opinion in this post are my own (by this I meant me, yup the mom). I’ll be delighted if Nat can write a review on his sunglasses but he is only 2. So, until he learns his ABCs and then to write, I shall take the liberty to blog on his behalf.:)

    Here’s what another mom blogger (a darn good one, at that!) has to say about KI ET LA Sunglasses:

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