Hello Sassy Six and Terrific Two (not terrible, I hope)


Some time last month (boy, we are already 1 day into Oct!), we celebrated Jiejie and Baby Nat’s birthday at The City @ Liang Court.

It wasn’t part of the initial to host a party outside home. The original plan would have gone somewhat like this:

We will bring Nat out to play on his birthday which fell on a weekend, then take a day’s off work and spend some quality time with Jiejie on her birthday which fell on a weekday. Simple and nice!

But, nope, it was a no-go as my then line manager had discouraged me from taking leave. And so, instead of doing 2 separate small celebrations, we decided to do  1 bigger event since their birthdays are just a few days apart.

The City was lotsa fun for the kids’ and their friends. With different interest area for the kids to play pretend. And just like a real city, there were super market, salon, clinic, cafe and all. Our not-so-little party was help in the Police Station! Aha. my guests are all erm, captivated (pun intended). I wonder if that was the idea behind having the function room in the Police Station. Hum.

Unlike the other interest areas, the interior of the Police Station has nothing police-y about it.
It’s a regular function room and here’s how it looked like after we decorated it. 
Annie helping to decorate Baby Nat’s cake. She’s such a gem :)) 
Not wasting a moment, the girls quickly got busy dressing up in princess costumes.
And then, came Jiejie’s friends.
and Baby Nat’s friends, who are in fact, Meimei’s classmates. 
Our little cousin came too.
And we put both Vera and Nat in the little shopping carts. 
Our youngest guest was little Isis. Our favourite baby in our neighbourhood.
Now, let me see. Where’s my little birthday boy?
Look mom! I’m a doctor! 
The kids at the Supermart
The Supermart kept Nat busy and happy. It was really fun seeing the kids moving about with the mini shopping carts. 
Nodim making a payment at the cashier. 
Jiejie and her friends at the Beauty Parlour. The girls all looked so sweet and dainty :)
Toilet Support Group – The dainty little girls were off to the toilet.
The boys busy saving the day at the fire station.
While Baby Nat and I monkeyed around. 
The cafe is at the central of the whole play area…
where the kids played and served yummilious sandwiches
and pizzas
One can expect excellent service, huge portions at no additional or service charges. 
Like any city, we all need some super heros in our lives. 
Look! Batman is flexing his muscles. All ready to save the world. Anytime. 
The girls chatting before teabreak
Jiejie receiving birthday card and wishes from her friends.
The City provided little post card for kids to write on which were perfect, cos Jiejie loves receiving cards. 
Singing grace before tea. 
Not to be mistaken, it wasn’t Meimei’s birthday. But the little girl sure knew how to be in the limelight. LOL.
Jiejie on the other hand was a little shy but still very happy. 
Baby Nat attempting to blow out the candle.
Princess and I :)
Our growing family :))
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