On eating Real Food at Central


Want to give your taste bud a feast without the guilt of calorie overdose?

Here’s a super good food find we found in the heart of Singapore, The Central. And I really mean good food, not only are they foods that taste good, they are also good for your health foods. 
If you are vegan, vegetarian or someone on an organic diet, this cafe is a must-visit- they only serve organic vegetarian food. Dishes that are Vegan-friendly are specified in their menus too. It is perhaps the best cafe I’ve known in Singapore for this category. By-the-way, not that it’s important- nope, we are not vegan, vegetarian and nobody’s on a straight organic diet, but, we do want to eat healthier too, as much as possible :)

My favourite dish – vegetarian pizza. 
Sweet pumpkin soup served with toasted bread. Chubby’s got his hand on this one, the other piece was wiped out by Meimei, the moment the soup was served. 
Fancy some fresh fruits rojak? This one is sooo good! It’s refreshing and flavourful.
Sour Dough Sandwich. Yummmz.
Darn good salad. I especially appreciate the roasted pumpkin and sweet potato among the blend of fresh vege and fruits. Talking about contrast, colours, texture and taste, this salad has everything. 
Better Potato Wedges. These are not deep-fried but as tasty – actually, I think it is better than our regular fried wedges. 
Comfortable and zen-like ambiance, makes it a great place to chill with friends too.
Got a book you no longer read, but it’s too good to be given away?
Give it to the folks at Real Food so others may read it too. 
A little slice of food-for-thought I took from the menu. 

Some useful information:
Real Food is located at The Central #B1-52/53.
They are open Mon to Sun, 10 am to 9.30 pm

Here’s their website: http://www.realfoodgrocer.com/index.php
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