Shanice’s Preschool Graduation (OMG! my kid is going to primary 1 soon!)

It was the one event I’ve been looking forward to for the month of October – Jiejie’s Preschool Graduation Concert!
It was everything I expected and more. Not only was it a good show put up by the kids, it was a good lesson for me and my baby too…
So it was a much anticipated day and I wanted everything to be PERFECT. You see, I am a perfectionist, which isn’t the most desirable characteristic for a mother. Jiejie is pretty much like me, we are both erm kinda petty and anal, sometimes (not everytime :) ).
We didn’t start the evening on the right note, the kids woke up late from their nap so we had a tighter schedule to work with. I was pretty confident that everything would work out okay and on time until Shanice came running to me, wailing, “My shoes are wet!”. I went like “WHAT?!”. You see, little miss perfect wanted the whitest shoes for her concert and told my helper to wash her shoes. My helper didn’t know that she would be wearing her shoes for the concert and decided to wash them on Sunday morning, which is the day of the concert. We were out since morning that day and was only back in time for the kids to take their nap and thus, no one knew what happened to the shoes until the eleventh hour. 
So, miss perfect got her whitest shoes possible but they were wet. Her daddy had little choice but to dry it with a hair dryer while I doll her up and get the younger sister dressed. Finally we were all set to go and everything seemed to be falling into place until …
Daddy discovered that Meimei was wearing her comfy slippers (note, not the Cinderella slippers sort of slippers but her old trusty slippers she wears to playground and around the neighbourhood) under her pretty white gown and our car was already half-way through the tunnel! PERFECT! I could bearly breathe yet managed to scream on top of my voice until I could feel a slight burning sensation in my throat. Speaking of being a good example to the kids, ha.
I was completely out of sorts until I realised that it wasn’t even MY graduation, why does it have to go the way I want it? Jiejie seemed disappointed and was tearing a little at the back seat. I HATE MYSELF! To salvage the situation, I tried to get things right as much as I could – declared that we would put the unhappiness behind (yes, I know, how easily said after I kicked up a big fuss), touched up her make-up, sent her to the backstage and went to buy the girls balloons while Daddy bought Meimei a pair of new sandals, all done in 45 minutes before the show begin. 
Daddy to the rescue – Meimei and her daddy dearest all ready for concert with her pretty new sandals. 
I wish I had a better camera phone… aiz, couldn’t see her pretty face clearly in this photo. 
Jiejie and her classmates performed hip hop dance to the tune of “The Truth Song”.
Jiejie and her classmate after the concert
Photo with her teacher.

My baby and I

We had supper at Mcdonalds after the concert while the girls played at the playground with Jiejie’s classmate. I allowed the girls to play a little longer than usual, as if it was any consolation for my bad behaviour earlier that evening.

I ended my day with a hot fudge sundae and a good dose of guilt for spoiling a good part of the day. Thankfully, the girls were still happy and in high spirit that evening. Here’s something I should learn from the kids – they forgive and forget so easily, and are always ready to seize every opportunity to enjoy themselves. That’s perhaps the secret to happiness – being childlike. Now I wish I could become littler, at heart. :)

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