Saying “Hello Fishes!” at SEA Aquarium

Have you been to the SEA Aquarium at Resort World Singapore?
If you haven’t than you MUST – It’s the Largest Aquarium in the World Wide World!

We were there on a Sunday and I would strongly recommend you to visit on a weekday instead. Why so? Cos it was very crowded that day. The aquarium was lovely but the crowd, queues and squeezing our way through pretty much puts me off a little, just a little. Overall it’s was a good outing.

We were in time for “The Rise of the Eastern Pirates” Exhibition! Which was great, we love piraty things – Thanks to Jake and the Neverland Pirates :)

Huge screen showing the story of Zheng He, the famous Chinese explorer who sailed to unknown shores from China.
The kids were engrossed with the animation on the huge screen. Needless to say, the show was very engaging. 
If you ask me, I’d say that the pirates look cooler than the pirate hunters. :)
Glimpses of the Silk Route, the goods, the people and the culture. 
Pretty lanterns at the exhibition. 
Silk Route Board Game
wooooo, so that’s how ancient coins look like.

After the exhibition, which leads the way to the entrance of the aquarium, it was time to meet some fishes! 

Here we come! 
The divers were like superstars. I too joined in the crowd and took some pictures of them :)
Check out the magnificent center piece, and  crowd
Nat saying hello to all the fishes he sees.
He was very busy that day :) 
Here’s Shanice touching SHARK’s EGGS!
Though they were empty, still, they were REAL egg shells. I thought she was pretty brave! Aha. 
My baby photographer was ever so eager to take photos of everything.
Here’s the optical window, it gave us a bigger picture of the corals. 
What I enjoyed most about the aquarium was the presentation of various habitats. 
Behind us was the mangrove marine habitat. 

Here’s the widest aquarium panel.

Did you know, the glass panels are 70cm thick! Yup, 70 not 17cm, that’s how it holds the pressure from the surrounding waters.

Ocean Dome. Here’s where the guide introduces visitors to the different sea creatures.
The creature in the above image is a manta ray, yup, not stingray, no sting though they are cousins.
A fun fact I learned from the guide that day: Mr Ray in Finding Nemo is in fact a manta ray. In real life, the manta ray is every little fish best friend. It creates a current with it’s flapping motion which helps the smaller fishes to swim with lesser effort. That’s why it is always surrounded with little fish-friends. I like that fact that a manta ray is never lonely :)

Here’s a stingray. I like the manta ray cousin better. I like the way they swim- they seem to be flying in the ocean :)
WOW! Jello-coloured Sea Jellies! 
More Jelly fishes. Ain’t they graceful?
In awe of the vastness of marine life. 
We are so small in the face of the nature (even if it’s only a glimpse of it). 
We went home with a message from the Aquarium.
An important message to conserve and protect the marine life in this planet we share. 

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