2 Minutes Homemade Foot Salt

How would you like a little spa experience in the comfort of your own home? Wouldn’t it be better if your little ones could join you in a little make-believe spa game? Sounds like a fun activity for the CNY holidays, I hope :)
If you are nodding in front of your computer screen now, I’ve got just what you need for a no fuss, quick and quality foot soak – Super-easy-to-make Foot Salt. All you’ll need is 2 mins and 2 steps to prepare it.
What you will need:
1. 1 cup Epsom Salt
2. 1.5 tablespoon Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Oil (or other children massage oil of your choice)
3. a little food colour (optional)
1. Add Massage oil to Epsom Salt and mix well.
2. You can add a little food colour to the mixture to make it look more interesting. I chose purple cos Johnson’s bedtime oil comes in a purple bottle… See, I am so creative :)

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