DIY 2-in-1 Fish Decor Clips & Magnetic Fishing Game

 “Mummy, daddy’s car… Veve’s house… fishing game!”
It’s been a while since we brought Little Nat to visit my sister’s. But the little boy certainly hasn’t got over the fishing game he played with his little cousin then.
I had it at the back of my mind to get him a set, but I’ve yet to see the toy on sale in any toy stores todate. It is a battery operated plastic platform with little fishing popping up and down while it turns round and round. The mouths of the fishes open and shut as the players try to ‘fish’ them up with a stick. While it might be an easy game, it has proven to be challenging for toddlers- the little boy wasn’t very good at it (yet).
Having given up looking for the fishing toy, I’ve decided to make something easier to handle for Little Nat to get his hands on some ‘fishing’. I would have did what Summer (of had done for a fishing game, if not for Shanice’s recent interest to learn how to sew. To kill 2 birds with one arrow, I got some felts and made this 2-in-1 fish decor clips and fishing game with Shanice. Here’s sharing how it’s done…
Step 1: Cut felts into desired shape.
Fold down a flap of felt
Cut out the desired shape on the fold so that you have 2 similar pieces.
Step 2: Sew the sides together, leaving a little opening.
Leave an opening for stuffing of fluffs.

Shanice was very excited to try making loop stitches, but it didn’t work out as well as she would like it to be (exactly, they are quite good for first-timers)… and so she self-declared to be in charge of decorations. :)

Step 3: Stuff fluffs into the opening and sew up the gap.

Step 4: Decorate
Step 5: Sew on small bull lock clips to the back of the fish.
Ta-dahh! And we are done with the decorated fish clips. Great for keeping sheets of papers together and excellent for magnetic fishing game too! Simply attach a magnet to one end of a lenght of ribbon and tie the other end to a stick and voila! time for some fishing fun!
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