DIY Valentine’s Day Couple Game Card

DIY Couple Game Card
So Valentine’s day came and left. And here I am, relishing the nitty gritties even as I blog down this post into our story together. I had no problem remembering the day amidst the CNY celebrations, thanks to the good old advertisers spamming my mailboxes, TV and phone. It was everywhere! Even the girls been bringing home little notes and gifts from their classmates! Kinda too young and too soon for this mama to digest. Lolx
To celebrate the day, i made a mystery gift for the husband – something that would be useful for him (and me). It was meant to be a secret so, although the cards were really before V day, I’ve delayed posting bout them till now.
I came up with a little card game for him. A simple one – it consists of 6 cards(with redeemable) and a dice. Most of the cards are to his benefit except for 1 – the trump card (my trump card). He will get this card if he rolls ‘6’ on the dice.
Front view of all 6 cards. The trump card is in pink. 
close-up of one of the cards
Back view of the trump card.
Hum, 45 mins… good enough for him to pack the store room ;p
Here are some of the other redeemable. Kinda lame, I know, but i like it this way ;p
Where are the other redeemable? They are classified information. Don’t ask, cos I’m not telling ya 😉 lolx
Card No. 1
Card No. 2
Card No. 3
I was looking forward to seeing his reaction and it was really hard keeping a secret…
Then it was valentine’s, finally. But really, v day for us on started after the kids’ bedtime – the plan was to drive in to JB for  a nice supper together. So there wasn’t much time to spare for a good game. I passed him his pressie in the morning and that was pretty much it.
We drove in right after the kids’ bedtime. Hubby had asked around for an alternative to our usual Ramly burger fix at the Zon and was pretty excited to explore new routes. But we couldn’t find it after a good 30 mins drive round Taman Sentosa, and I was feeling bored. Just when we decided to head back to the cause way, we bumped into a little Ramly stall by a quiet street. Horray! We ordered 3 burgers to go and waited by the roadside. I must say, I have never appreciated Ramly the way i did last night. Step by step and layer by layer the guy made the burgers with such dedication. And naturally it took a while for the burgers to be ready. Thanks to that, we managed to catch a view of the fireworks over at the other end of the street!
There in a quiet and windy street,  the air was filled with promises of a good treat. My man and I, standing by the roadside together, watching fireworks darting into the sky from afar… that was our V day, one akin to my Ramly burger, nothing too glamorous, yet nothing short of it – simple, dedicated, delectable and best of all, it was ours. And he is mine.

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