New look for the kids’ wardrobe

I’ve been toying with the idea to replace the girls’ wardrobe for a while. I got it about 2 years ago from Ikea. A steal really, it was on sale and I got it at under $200. It was a practical solution then, and after 2 years, it still serves us well, except the girls have outgrown it’s plain white finishing and random cartoon stickers decor (which they had wanted to paste them all over the wardrobe when there were just a little younger). 

It would be a waste to discard it, and honestly speaking, we ain’t in the best financial shape as a family to spend on unnecessary furnishing. Hence, I did my maths and revamped our good old wardrobe at under 20 bucks. The result was satisfactory, and the girls were thrilled with their good-as-new pretty wardrobe. Here’s sharing how it was done…

Cost break-down
2.5 meters of Pink Table Plastic Cover – $5.90 per meter
1 pack small nails – $0.80 per pack
3M Wall Tapes – spare ones that came with the hooks we purchased previously

Total Damage = $15.55

Recycle Materials
1 small mirror (stand was broken)
Stings of beads (from my mother-in-law, used to be cake decorations from i-dunno-how-long-ago)

Step 1:
Remove door panels then wrap door them with table covers and secure with nails. 
Step 2:
Fix back the panels.

Step 3:
Tie the beaded strings in place to make the door handles. 

Step 4:
Secure the small mirror on the last panel of the wardrobe with 3M Wall Tape.

 And we are done! All in a day’s work :)

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